The passion

No strangers to the luxury industry, Leila and Meriem El Hajouji found themselves, since their early years, immersing in the enchanting world of opulence and creativity.

Heirs of a legacy that goes back to the 19th century, Leila and Meriem who used to dress their dolls, took their talent and passion, refined them and turned them into a luxurious brand.

Rafinity balances contemporary and innovation with distinction and originality leading to exquisite traditional Moroccan caftans with a modern twist appealing to every fashionable and elegant woman.

Rafinity Haute Couture, a concept, a symbol

The enthusiasm for the first collection of the sisters El Hajouji signs the advent of the concept Rafinity Haute Couture, an emblematic brand that seduces by its innovative approach as well as its faithfulness to the identity and to the Moroccan authenticity values. The brand pushes the design of the outfits to the top, the ancestral skills and quality demanding.

Two born creators

The journey of the Hajouji sisters took a fundamental turn on March 2017 when they presented their first haute couture collection. The collection translated their dreams of reviving the Moroccan heritage with a modern twist. Each caftan embodied an infinite sophistication of fabrics, embroideries and precious stones.

The success of the first collection revealed a great talent by the Hajouji sisters. This talent combined with refinement and immaculate artisanship have been the driving force behind all the successful shows year after year ever since.

The showroom, a magic showcase

The Haute couture collection is showcased since 2019 in the heart of Rafinity’s headquarter where a workshop has also been installed to accommodate the creative process.